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Visiting Oahu, Hawaii | Penticton | Athabasca Photographer

April 22, 2018

In honour of Earth day, I just thought I'd share some images of one of the most beautiful places on our planet: Oahu, Hawaii. 

With all of its lush greens, turquoise waters and more rainbows than you can possibly imagine, it's hard to believe that these far-off tiny islands are even real. 
We frequented the North Shore and Haleiwa, took in the surf scene at Banzai Pipeline and got tossed around by some massive waves at Waimea Bay. Even with all the record breaking rainfall this year, Hawaii did not disappoint.

Hoping for the best for all residents of Kauai as the flood
situation and evacuations are still ongoing.

It's been a crazy year for extreme weather and I'm really looking forward to some warmth
and sunshine in this part of the world.

Happy Earth Day friends!
I hope you're taking the time to soak up all of the beauty and wonder around you today.