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October Engagement | Athabasca Wedding Photographer

We weren't sure if the weather would hold out for this session - the cold wind and moody skies had started to move in on us and the last few colourful leaves were just barely hanging on. But thankfully the rain stayed at bay and I was able to travel out to meet these two at their acreage to photograph their engagement session. I loved all the features of this little farm, from the crab apple trees and abandoned house to the surrounding golden fields and wide open landscape. Emily and Jordon were amazing in front of the camera. I know how daunting it can be to interact naturally when someone is taking your photo - I often call myself a professional third wheel. But these two were up for anything and completely trusted the process. I also try to remind all of my clients that it's completely normal to be awkward at the beginning of a session. There's a definite flow that happens during couple's shoots and I love seeing how everything unfolds; we feel silly, we laugh, we find our groove and gain inspiration as we go.

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